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Avoid using other employees’ phones, desks, offices, or even other work tools plus equipment, when possible. Put on a mask when away in public and whenever around people who perform not live in their own household, especially when some other social distancing measures are usually hard to maintain.

Cross-train employees in order to perform essential functions therefore the workplace can operate even though key employees are lacking. Implement plans to carry on your essential business features in the event you experience higher-than-usual absenteeism.


Masks ought to not be put on younger children under age two, anyone who has problems breathing, or is subconscious, incapacitated or perhaps unable in order to remove the mask without having assistance. Inform their manager if they have the sick household member in home with COVID-19 and also to learn what to perform if someone within their house is sick.

Make sure that sick keep policies are flexible, non-punitive, and in line with public wellness guidance and that workers are aware of plus understand these policies. Inquire employees to follow along with the CDC guidance on how you can safeguard yourself when using transport.

Maintain versatile policies that permit workers to stay home in order to care for an ill family member or get care of children credited to school and daycare closures. Additional flexibilities may include giving advances upon future sick leave plus allowing employees to contribute sick leave to every other.

Consider using a hotline or even another way of employees in order to voice concerns anonymously. Produce and test communication techniques that employees can make use of to self-report if they happen to be ill and that you may use to notify workers of exposures and closures. This will eliminate the want for employees living within higher transmission areas in order to travel to workplaces within lower transmission areas plus vice versa. Older grownups and people of any kind of age that have certain fundamental medical conditions are in increased risk for severe sickness from COVID-19. Employers that not currently offer ill leave to some or even all of their employees should think about drafting non-punitive “emergency ill leave” policies.