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Great resource about the factors to be considered for selling a website. So you’re right… cashflow is just ONE piece of the puzzle. They want to invest and make sure that with little work, they’ll be eventually making more back from the cash streams you’ve already setup. I think a website’s revenue of just 2. 5 to 3 times simply can’t be the value of a website! Maybe then you can say that it might just be about $300 Million considering the costs to keep it running. Selling an internet business can be a confusing complex process that most internet business owners have little to no experience with.

While many entrepreneurs think it may be best to try and sell a website on their own, most are bound to make unavoidable mistakes because of their inexperience with the process. very informative. I am still newbie in that web site selling market. but after I reade your advices in your post, I really utilized from your mind. Thanks again. Mark you can used forums. digitalpoint. com in there buy and sell domain. You can sell your site if you like the price of the bid of your site.

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in my opinion, the value of a web site depends on the traffic mostly. At the same time, all of us know that the content is the king. I am currently working on two sites with the sole purpose of flipping them after 6 months. The sites are giving me good income in adsense and I’d base my price based on the adsense earnings as you have suggested. Well l can say the value of a website is up to the peoples interested in with ur site, how much they need it or how much it helps on their goals. Their effections will be based on the traffic of your websites mostly and the source of ur traffic is the main issue.

Many wnat to be online entrepreneurs will never be able to understand the value of an established, developed site vs a brand new build. i m intertested in selling my blog thephotofun. com the domain is 3 months old. I’m looking at buying AdSense websites at the moment, if anyone is interested I’ve got a calculator that gives a rough estimate of what I’m prepared to offer, you can see it here. For true value of a website you should calculate monthly revenue times 6-12 depending on brand name, age and content and this is the reason no website estimator online is accurate. Mr. Yaro, thanks for sharing your great resource about the factors to be considered for selling a website.

This is Kyle, the new owner at BuyingAndSellingWebsites. com. I was researching what other resources are currently available online related to buying/selling websites, and this was one of the more popular destinations. It can be difficult to estimate a website’s true value. In the long run, you can often make a lot more by holding onto the website.

@chris, Thank you, I have been looking for private buyers for 3months time already. I think the hardest part of the process would be to find potential buyers that will understand the value of your website.