Feeding The Economy

Six-in-ten say the primary reason the number of confirmed coronavirus cases is increasing is that there are more new infections; 39% say cases are rising mainly because more people are being tested than in previous months. Response to the pandemic has pushed the federal budget higher than it’s been in decades, but Americans are slightly less concerned about the deficit than in recent years. Assessments of national economies have seen swift downturns in many countries, and few see improvements anytime soon.


Job growth. To help thousands of long-term unemployed workers find work, Washington secured more than $10 million dollars through the federal Rapid Response program. Gov. Inslee and the Department of Commerce partnered with local government and industry to launch theRestaurant Success website, which streamlines the process of opening a restaurant in Seattle. The governor and Commerce are now working with other local jurisdictions to launch similar efforts statewide.

European stocks rose on Wednesday, with economically sensitive sectors such as energy and banks leading the gains, as investors braced for a Democratic win in crucial U. S. Senate run-off election in Georgia that could drive bigger fiscal stimulus. Taiwan’s foreign exchange reserves rose by $16. 514 billion in December, the fastest monthly rise on record, the central bank said on Wednesday, adding it had to intervene in the forex market owing to the flood of foreign capital. Economic activity in the euro zone contracted more sharply than previously thought at the end of 2020 and could get worse as renewed lockdown restrictions imposed to contain the coronavirus hit the bloc’s dominant service industry, a survey showed. A. gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. To improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities in state employment, Gov. Inslee established theDisability Task Force.

Career-connected learninggives students more pathwaysto good-paying careers through a statewide system for apprenticeship, internship and mentorship learning. Inslee set a goal to connect 100, 000 Washington students with career-connect learning opportunities by 2027. The legislature funded these investments with a targeted surcharge agreed to by business leaders. These business leaders depend on the state’s colleges and universities to train and educate students for careers. Results Washington, launched by Gov. Inslee in 2013, tracks progress on a variety of issues including the state’s efforts to grow Washington’s economy and help working families thrive. With the government refusing to revoke the legislation, the farmers pledged to continue blockading key highways linking the capital with the country’s north. Follow PBS NewsHour’s complete coverage of the Economy, Wall Street and other financial stories.

Inslee worked with business partners to develop the nation’s firstRegulatory Red Tape Indexto promote better customer service to businesses. Inslee reconvened theWashington Military Allianceto strengthen Washington’s $15. 7 billion military sector and plan for Department of Defense reductions. The alliance is a diverse group of more than 20 military and economic development leaders representing industry, infrastructure, veteran, workforce and economic development interests across the state. Economic Gardeningis anew initiativefrom the state Department of Commerce that helps local companies grow and succeed across the state that supports growth companies. Grant funding. Job shadowing, internships and apprenticeships are just a few of the career connections that are available to 29, 000 students thanks to $6. 4 million in newCareer Connect Washington grant funding. Opportunities include STEM learning experiences, job shadows at local employers, career planning, and over 4, 800 new internships, pre-apprenticeships and registered apprenticeships. Legislators provided funds for the next steps of Inslee’sCareer Connect Washington initiative.

Though this figure is a sliver of all PPP loans lent out to small businesses as of August, it represents a large segment of U. S. newspaper companies. BPC drives principled and politically viable policy solutions through the power of rigorous analysis, painstaking negotiation, and aggressive advocacy. Funding Our Future is an alliance of organizations dedicated to making a secure retirement possible for all Americans. The alliance informs the public about the barriers to retirement security and calls on policymakers to make strengthening retirement policies a top priority. Looking only at those who indicate they can usually put money into savings, 36% say they are able to save less than they did before the coronavirus outbreak, while 19% say they are saving more and 44% say they are saving about the same. A quarter of U. S. adults say they have been able to put less money than usual into savings since the coronavirus outbreak began; 31% say they have been able to put the same amount as usual into savings, and 13% have been able to put more.

CBO also projects how inversions and certain other strategies will affect future U. S. corporate tax revenues. CBO’s economic forecasts have been comparable in quality to those of the Administration and the Blue Chip consensus. Large errors in CBO’s forecasts tend to reflect challenges faced by all forecasters. European stocks closed lower on Thursday, ending 2020 in the red as tighter coronavirus restrictions in Britain and higher U. S. tariffs on some EU products dampened spirits on the final trading day of the year. European shares edged up on Tuesday, lifted by oil and retail stocks, while investors looked past a new national lockdown in Britain to contain a surge in coronavirus cases.